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"Excellent production

needs enthusiasm

and diversity"

European Production Excellence

Dr. Manuela Kummeter

Business Consultant for Operational Excellence
Expert Positive Leadership
Coach for Leaders in Industry

Manuela Kummeter

15 years of industry experience

Creating a working environment in which it is not the crisis but the enthusiasm for goals that unites people across hierarchies: I have been pursuing this goal for almost 16 years. Fifteen of them in European, global and local management positions and senior management roles at BASF in Ludwigshafen and AkzoNobel in Amsterdam.

Fear kills creativity

And never has this goal been more important than today, as European industry is at a crossroads: costs are exploding, value chains are becoming more fragile, and employees are getting sicker. Never have the figures for burnout, depression and stress-related physical problems been as high as they are today. At the same time, it has never been so crucial for employees and managers to be open and innovative. The European Green Deal, independence from other continents and competition for skilled workers are just three of the pressing challenges that require employee creativity. But a brain in fear cannot be creative.

Flow for (wo)man and machine

It is only possible to achieve ambitious goals if we manage to ensure that all employees are happy to work together in a targeted manner. This requires an environment in which employees know their strengths, managers use them accordingly, and in which people work together openly and constructively. Across all interfaces. In this way, the value chain becomes a genuine end-to-end supply chain and goals and needs are aligned in line with Hoshin Kanri. Together, we generate flow in the assets and among the employees. And, incidentally, create the conditions for a location where everyone enjoys working.

Enthusiasm instead of crisis

My work not only strengthens production and its assets, but also its employees. After all, resilience in value chains comes primarily from stable processes, scenario planning and flexibility. For employees, it comes above all from trust in themselves and their employer. And from enthusiasm for their work. Because we’ve had enough crises.

Safe space for diversity

And enthusiasm becomes safety. A place where everyone feels safe to verbalize their ideas and get involved. Today, industrial production is often still a place that diverse people quickly leave. Yet the creativity and openness of diverse teams and managers is needed more urgently than ever. That’s why I offer diverse managers and leaders from industry a community in which they can exchange ideas across Europe. A safe space.

Implementation is mandatory

Together we then also implement. Because for me, consulting never ends with just a concept. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we ideally turn the wheel once together. Because then we know what works and what doesn’t. And adjust if necessary.

Training and skills

  • Lean management and KATA coaching
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • PR consultant/PR consultant PZOK (DPRG)
  • In training to become a Positive Psychology Master at the DHGS

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