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Individual Consulting

Every production site has its own peculiarities and problems. That’s why standard solutions don’t help. Together, we discuss where the problem lies, and which issues need to be addressed. Is it the path to the end-to-end supply chain? The management culture? Or an investment or maintenance plan that finally needs to be implemented? Methods from the area of lean management, positive leadership and diversity management are used here.

Online Programs

Managers in industrial production have no time. They have to be available around the clock. That’s why I offer online programs for diverse managers and leaders of diverse teams that are independent of time and location. So that they can define meaning and goals for themselves before tackling the same task with their teams.

Creating a Network

In small and medium-sized companies in particular, various managers lack one thing: a network. Other people who are like them. People who can inspire them or simply have a sympathetic ear. As part of my online programs, I offer a European exchange platform for diverse managers. Here you can talk about positive leadership, diversity management or simply about the little pitfalls of everyday production.

Process Support

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” I only subscribe to this quote from Peter Drucker to a limited extent. Ideally, the two go together. The culture often only comes through the process, and the strategy then becomes clearer. For all those who think that their company has no strategy anyway: Don’t worry. Together we will find the site strategy and also establish a process to continuously implement and improve it.



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Lean Leadership

Hoshin Kanri is a lean management method for clear target setting and alignment in organizations, while KATA coaching enables the implementation and adjustment of these goals through continuous improvement. The integration of both approaches creates a synergetic link between strategic planning and operational excellence for efficient goal achievement and flexible adaptability.

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It enables you to

  • define clear goals,
  • communicate these at all levels of the organization
  • and deploy resources in a targeted manner to achieve these goals.

By applying Hoshin Kanri, companies can achieve effective alignment of their activities. The result:

  • Improved processes,
  • increased performance and
  • sustainable competitiveness

This methodology offers clients the opportunity to improve their business performance, optimize their business processes and consolidate their long-term success strategy. In other words:

Together, we can achieve tough targets!

Integrating KATA Coaching into the Hoshin Kanri process provides an effective way to optimize strategy deployment and implementation. KATA Coaching provides a structured framework for continuous learning, experimentation, and adaptation on an individual and organizational level. By linking it with Hoshin Kanri, it enables the strategic goals developed to be translated into concrete actions.


Positive leadership is a transformative leadership culture based on strengths, engagement, and commitment. This method promotes not only individual development, but also well-being in the workplace, leading to increased productivity, innovation, and organizational resilience. Learn how Positive Leadership helps organizations create a dynamic and motivating work environment that remarkably advances both employee and organizational goals.

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Positive Leadership represents a leadership approach in the industry that is based on scientific evidence and transforms the traditional understanding of leadership. This methodology focuses on strengthening and fostering positive work environments through a leadership culture built on trust, appreciation, and engagement.
A central aspect of positive leadership is the emphasis on individual strengths and potential. Here, talents are recognized, developed, and used in a targeted manner to create an environment in which employees can develop their full potential. Through this focus on strengths, employees not only experience increased motivation and satisfaction, but also improved performance and a willingness to innovate.
Another key mechanism is the promotion of a positive corporate culture. This includes open communication, transparent processes, and respectful cooperation. By creating a supportive and inspiring working environment, employee engagement is strengthened and well-being in the workplace is sustainably improved.

The methodology of positive leadership also integrates approaches from positive psychology and emotional intelligence to support managers in practicing empathic, authentic, and compassionate leadership. This not only promotes a positive relationship between managers and employees, but also creates a basis for a more resilient and agile organization.


The strategic integration of diversity. Learn how the conscious integration of different perspectives, backgrounds and skills not only creates an inclusive culture, but also drives innovation, decision-making and the success of your company.

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Diversity management represents a strategic approach that views diversity within an organization as a source of strength and competitive advantage. It involves the conscious integration of different perspectives, backgrounds, skills and experiences into all aspects of the organization. This approach not only promotes an inclusive culture, but also uses diversity as a driver for innovation, improved decision-making and the creation of a dynamic, globally oriented organization.

Diversity management goes beyond simply recognizing diversity and strives to create an environment where every person is equally respected, valued and supported. This not only includes factors such as gender, ethnicity and age, but also takes into account different perspectives, life experiences and skills. By actively promoting and utilizing this diversity, companies can create a climate that fosters innovation and enables a wide range of ideas and approaches.

Diversity management is a strategic investment that goes far beyond the promotion of equal opportunities. It helps to create a corporate culture that promotes innovation, creativity and an open, inclusive working environment. Companies that successfully implement diversity management are not only better positioned to meet the challenges of a global marketplace, but also to attract, retain and develop a diverse workforce.

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