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"Humor is more than fun. It is a strength that needs to be used."

A few years ago I was in Ireland with an American colleague from the South. A German, Irish and American culture clash. For such situations, business etiquette says quite clearly:

Just don’t try humor. This backfires.

As a Cologne resident, I realized early on that it was taking a lot of energy to sweep this part of my personality under the carpet. So I left it. Also on this business trip. And the feedback from my colleague Lee on the return journey: “You manage in a unique way to get people to listen to you and that way you can also talk about some uncomfortable truth.” He called it “confrontative humor” – humor that sometimes addresses things directly. But the other person can still decide whether they want to hear the serious thing or leave it as a joke. Just want to go over it with a smile.

Now not everyone should try to wrap uncomfortable truths into a joke. Because that can definitely backfire.

But why not use a strength?

For me, humor is a so-called signature strength. Signature strengths are strengths that define a person and shape their identity. The signature strengths are based on the 24 character strengths of positive psychology. So I enjoy using my humor. And I feel bad when I can’t use that strength. And I am also successful when I can use this strength.

If you want to learn more about character and signature strengths. Then you can do one of the following tests. (German, DGPP and Uni Potsdam) (various languages, VIA Institute)

And if you want to talk about the result. Then just contact me.



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